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ACU Russian tactical Camo uniform "DIGITAL DARK" pattern BARS


Russian  tactical Camouflage "ACU" suit pattern "DIGITAL DARK". High-quality Russian military uniform, consists of jacket and pants. The jacket has 4 pockets, 4 pockets on the pants...

Digital brown CAMO 4-color Russian tactical BOONIE Hat


Special military camouflage hat BOONIE Hat sun protection cap 4-colour digital pattern. Perfect for outdoor activities. Rip-stop fabric.  ..

KLM Sniper tactical Camo uniform on zipper "DIGITAL DARK" pattern BARS


Summer camouflage "KLM" suit  pattern "DIGITAL DARK". High-quality Russian military uniform, consists of jacket on zipper (with hood) and pants. The jacket has 2 pockets, 2 pockets on the pants...

Russian Army modern digital camo sleeping bag


Russian military modern camo sleeping bag. Pattern - Russian Digital. Made of waterproof and durable fabric, insulation - batting. The set includes removable bedsheet and carry bag - can be worn as back pack. The bag unfolds like a blanket or mat for two people. Trapezoid shape. Weight of 3 kg. Made for extreme use up to -25C...

Russian Army Officers digital Map Case pixel bag


Military map case with strap made for Officers use. Russian digital pattern, bag dimensions 30 x 23cm (12" x 9")...

Russian Army Officers digital pixel uniform rip-stop


Special Russian digital pixel uniform on zipper, made for Officers and senior command staff. Velcro on shoulders, collar and chest, top quality and design, made of rip-stop fabrics...

Russian Army pixel tactical winter gloves digital flora


Special warm winter gloves, made for Russian Army soldiers and officers. Digital flora pattern, also called pixel, genuine leather on palms, never used modern military surplus...

Russian Army winter DIGITAL CAMO uniform FLORA new type


New type of Russian military winter digital flora CAMO uniform. Consists of warmed jacket and trousers, made for Officers and senior command staff. Gloves are not included...

Russian desert camo Gorka 3 modern digital Spetsnaz uniform


Russian desert camo Gorka 3 modern digital  Spetsnaz uniformo. This demi season uniform. Designed for subdivisions being in areas of combat and tactical actions, also is perfect for camping, airsoft, hunting. The main top fabric of the suit has sufficiently stable indicators according to the following criteria: it keeps warm, water-r..

Russian Digital camo soldiers military backpack


Russian Army Soldiers / Officers modern backpack for sale, also called sidr carry bag . Digital pixel camouflage pattern. Belt with lateral support. It is used the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Dimensions 45 x 65 cm...

Russian digital camo transformer bag


Special compact portable folding bag, made for Officers use. Russian-digital pattern, water-repellant, capacity 30 liters...

Russian Digital PIXEL military style sweater golf


Warm winter digital shirt "Pixel" pattern. Made for Russian Army autumn / winter use. Best military quality...

Russian military digital Flora camo flask case


Special camouflage cover for standard Russian Army water flasks. Connected to the belt, new and never used, russian digital pattern...


Russian MOLLE patrol backpack Senior Rifleman 6B118

$74.95 $80.95

Military special patrol backpack "Senior Rifleman" 6B118 for sale (Russian digital camouflage pattern). Volume 25 liters. 2 side compartments with MOLLE slots, additional pouch for sapper shovel. Designed to transport various items of tactical and field gear, additional weapons, etc. Can be used as a part of the transport and unloading system UMTBS..

Russian tactical digital camouflage spetsnaz T-shirt


Russian Army camo sleeveless shirt, "Russian Digital" pattern. Made for Russian Army spetsnaz use. Brand new with tag, 100% cotton...

Russian tactical digital modern Ushanka winter hat 2017


Modern Russian Army extra warm fleece ushanka military hat. Russian Digital pixel pattern, warm fur and lining transformer military hat: opening visor and ears, earflaps can be worn on top, under the chin and on the back of the neck. 2016 new development, latest type equipment...

Russian tactical Digital Spetsnaz pixel storm backpack


Russian Army raid backpack, made for Spetsnaz troopers use. Digital pixel pattern, modern surplus with 2 inner and 3 detachable compartments. Soft straps and back, cosy wear...

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