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Russian Digital camo soldiers military backpack


Russian Army Soldiers / Officers modern backpack for sale, also called sidr carry bag . Digital pixel camouflage pattern. Belt with lateral support. It is used the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Dimensions 45 x 65 cm...


Russian MOLLE patrol backpack Senior Rifleman 6B118

$74.95 $80.95

Military special patrol backpack "Senior Rifleman" 6B118 for sale (Russian digital camouflage pattern). Volume 25 liters. 2 side compartments with MOLLE slots, additional pouch for sapper shovel. Designed to transport various items of tactical and field gear, additional weapons, etc. Can be used as a part of the transport and unloading system UMTBS..

Russian tactical Digital Spetsnaz pixel storm backpack


Russian Army raid backpack, made for Spetsnaz troopers use. Digital pixel pattern, modern surplus with 2 inner and 3 detachable compartments. Soft straps and back, cosy wear...

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