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Soviet Russian Military MARINES black Beret summer hat


This Beret is the uniform of Soviet naval forces. Also was used by tank troops in Soviet period. This headgear is made from black sloth and comes with Soviet badge...

Soviet russian SPETSNAZ striped t-shirt, vest (with long sleeves)


Used in Russian special force SPETSNAZ, when it is cold is made of knitted fabric.  ..

Special forces Gorka 3 fleece Russian modern winter camo uniform


Tactical Russian winter suit Gorka-3 camouflage on fleece lining with hood made for special forces use. High-quality uniform for airsoft and mountainous terrain use with 3-color forest camouflage, it consists of jacket with hood and trousers. Tactical Gorka uniforms are wide spread in tactical / outdoor purposes because of high quality and practica..

Summer FLORA Russian airsoft suite camo Uniform


Field Summer 3 color camo suit "Flora" (on buttons). High-quality Russian Army military uniform, consists of jacket and pants. The jacket has 6 pockets, 2 pockets on the pants...

Summer Spetsnaz camo green "reed" hat airsoft tactical cap


Russian Army special forces summer camouflage hat, pattern "green reed". Used with similar uniform...

Summer tactical Russian OMON camo Rip-Stop airsoft uniform


Summer gray camouflage OMON suit. High-quality Russian military uniform, consists of jacket on buttons and pants, quality rip stop fabrics. The jacket has 6 pockets, 4 pockets on the pants...

T-shirt camo pattern Izlom Germany


Camouflage military T-shirt,modern camo pattern.High-quality T-shirt Izlom Bundeswehr...

T-shirt Camo Python Black pattern


Modern tactical T-Shirt Python.Modern military Stuff.Black camo pattern,original stuff.Perfect military condition...

T-shirt kulirka Gray Doll


Modern T-shirt kulirka.Perfect military quality/condition.Gray Doll pattern...

T-shirt Kulirka gray Reed pattern


Kulirka t-shirt.Good condition, perfect military quality.Gray reed camo pattern...

T-shirt Military Digital Camo Pattern


Modern military T-shirt.Good condition.Perfect military quality.Digital Camo pattern...

T-Shirt Stirring Storm in the Desert R-1


Modern T-shirt.Perfect condition.Original military stuff.Perfect military quality...

Tactical BOMBER camouflage pilot jacket Python


BOMBER jacket modern ultralight demi season tactical camo provides best protection from wind and rain. Despite the low weight, "Bomber" pilot jacket is very durable due to the special fabric with micro "Rip-stop". 2 side pockets, internal pockets are present. Python camouflage patterns on your choice...

Tactical Uniform Gorka-4 Moss Russian special forces


Tactical mountain suit with hood Gorka 4 Moss camouflage. Quality Russian uniform with ripstop reinforcement inserts, it consists of jacket with hood and trousers. Tactical Gorka-4 uniforms are now worn by Russian special forces over civil clothing because of high quality and practicality. The jacket has 5 pockets, 6 pockets on the trousers. Comfor..

VOG 5M Russian equipment Pouch SPOSN SSO airsoft


Russian equipment Pouch SPOSN SSO airsoft Bag for 5 VOG-25 \ 25P..

White masking suit Snipers MPA-43 SNOW winter camo


Winter snipers masking suit MPA-43 tactical special forces clothing in "Snow" pattern for sale. Ultra lightweight camouflage suit will allow you to easily merge with a light landscape. Protects against wind blowing, repels moisture...

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