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Russian Army FLORA camo Flask Case


Camouflage canvas case for standard Soviet and Russian standart military water flasks. Made for connecting to the belt, new and never used...

Russian Army FLORA camo tactical Military BOOTS


Spetsnaz Officers camouflage military boots. Made of genuine leather and camo canvas, never used surplus. Weight 1.7kg...

Russian Army pixel tactical winter gloves digital flora


Special warm winter gloves, made for Russian Army soldiers and officers. Digital flora pattern, also called pixel, genuine leather on palms, never used modern military surplus...

Russian Army winter FLORA CAMO uniform


Military winter FLORA Marines Officer uniform used in Russian Army. The uniform consists of jacket with fur collar and warm lining and warm pants (with same lining)...

Russian military digital Flora camo flask case


Special camouflage cover for standard Russian Army water flasks. Connected to the belt, new and never used, russian digital pattern...

Russian modern military Uniform Digital Flora summer


Famous Russian Army soldiers uniform, designed by Valentine Yudashkin - famous Russian Couturie. Made for summer use, comfortable and stylish. Digital flora pattern for perfect masking, second rank board on the front of the chest, underarm ventilation. Authentic Russian Army clothing (military factory stamps inside)...

Russian winter Spetsnaz Flora warm Gloves


Russian Army Marines military camouflage gloves. Flora pattern, warm lining inside. Given to Russian Spetsnaz Troopers...

Summer FLORA Russian airsoft suite camo Uniform


Field Summer 3 color camo suit "Flora" (on buttons). High-quality Russian Army military uniform, consists of jacket and pants. The jacket has 6 pockets, 2 pockets on the pants...

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